An Innovative, Hands On Approach, With the Use Of Technology and Data 

Photo Credit: Chris Mcgraw

Photo Credit: Chris Mcgraw

What Gannet Nets Has To Offer

Seine Net Design for vessels in the 10 meter (32ft) to 35 meter (115ft) range.

Collection and Use of Data to improve seine fishing 'systems' and increase efficiency.

Collaboration With Manufacturers to develop new, and improve existing products.

Information on which seine fisheries use which type of equipment, and why!

*A System: The boat, the net, the electronics and the machinery, everything that comes into play when considering when to set, and when to retrieve the net. 

Disclaimer: I don't think there is a single 'right' way to seine for any given species, there are many variables and factors that go into making these decisions. The role we can play is to help guide you in making the right choices for the way you like to fish.